Discover Bordeaux's most charming wine.


Andrew McInnes

The Cary Grant of Wine

Whether he’s merrily spreading manure over the picturesque vineyards, pruning the vines on a chilly winter's day, or choosing the perfect vintage to swirl in the bath, Andrew brings a touch of panache and timeless elegance to the task in hand. Most of all he has the patience required to leave the wines sleeping in his underground cellar until they’re ready to be savored – no bottles are allowed to travel the world until he’s convinced it’s the right moment (a rare decision in this busy age). But Andrew’s in no hurry…


“At Château La Cardonne, it’s not simply a marriage of soil and climate. It’s the gentle slopes offering themselves to the sun, the hare that leaps happily over the vines, the birds who nest in our trees, the bees who come to visit in search of wild flowers, and the sea of clouds that float past us in the early morning.

It is our communion with these surroundings that allow us to compose our wines, embracing it all, and bottling it for others to love.”


Magali Guyon

Hand-crafted and detailed

For more than 20 years, Magali Guyon has married astonishing precision with a remarkable vision, to ensure that some of the most memorable vintages in living memory are fully expressed through our wines. A former winemaker at Château Lynch-Bages, Magali has her feet in the soil and her hands wielding some of the most up-to-date tools in winemaking. Constantly searching for finesse and harmony, her approach is knowledge coupled with experience. The results are memorable wines that fully express the nature of our unique little plots of land.

And now these wines are available in the United States, for a limited time only.

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We are only musicians playing to a loving audience, with mother nature the conductor, and our terroir being the composer producing a different arrangement year on year.

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The {Mis}Adventures of a Winemaker

Come along for behind-the-scenes stories of Château La Cardonne, shared in Andrew's inimitable style. From entertaining to erudite, this series invites you to discover what’s involved in making Bordeaux's most charming wine.

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The Reviews Are In


This is the wine that made me fall in love with wine.


Lush and refined, but even after being open for quite some time you could still spot a sort of youthfulness.


Could drink this everyday and be quite happy.

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